O God, this morning I come into the stillness of your presence to begin this day with you, so that out of this moment, I may take with me a quiet serenity and strength to last me all day long.

I have come to find wisdom, so I do not make any foolish mistakes.

I have come to find peace, so nothing will worry and upset me all through today.

I have come to find love, so that nothing would make me bitter, unforgiving or unkind.

I have come to find justice, so that I would always work for the poor and disadvantaged in the world.

I have come to begin this day with you, continue it with you and end it with you, so that this would be a day with nothing to regret.

Hear, O Father, this morning prayer for Jesus sake.  Amen


With our Bishop’s Directive to suspend Church Services and unnecessary meetings, the Parish Church has been pretty empty these past few days.  However our spirits remain and there is hope always that we will return when the time is right.
In the meantime, I ask that you keep each other in your prayers –    perhaps you could say a special prayer for those who usually sit in the pews near you.
The Diocese of Fredericton Website is a good place to keep up on the news of the Diocese and our Bishop is posting words of encouragement on a regular basis which I am sure you will find helpful.
Please don’t hesitate to phone me for any reason – even if it is just to talk.
Your friend and Rector,



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