Youth Opportunities

The ONE conference is also coming up on May 11-12 in Moncton. The YIG team and John Galbraith are organizing accommodations and meals for all Anglican groups attending. Please contact me ( if you plan on coming and provide us with how many youth and leaders are attending.

If you are not planning on attending the ONE conference but would like to do something with your youth that weekend, the PWDRF is organizing a great opportunity.

Teens Encounter Christ is at Camp Medley from May 18-21. Registration and Medical forms are available. Contact Marie Nagel (

Hearing Our Youth’s Voices – Surveys
The YIG team will be sending out surveys for Parishes and Leaders, Parents and Youth to be filled out. The information gathered will be used to help the Diocese and the YIG team in creating action plans and to provide the Diocese with some stats regarding youth, families and community connections. There will be incentives to fill out the surveys, which shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes. We will need your help in making sure parents and youth fill out the surveys. We will provide further information later this month. Stay tune for further updates when they become available.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments you would like the YIG team to know please contact

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